About the system

Regardless whether this is your first in email marketing or you do not even remember how life and business was before email, it is important to know there are the right and also many wrong ways to do it.

Why the Casteo system may be your logical choice as well?

Exceptionally fast and simple campaign creation

Casteo users typically need less than 15 minutes to prepare a campaign. Just open the professional template already prepared for you, choose appropriate sections for the current content and drag them with mouse to the desired places. Then you only need to enter your texts and pictures - they will be automatically resized to fit the template.

Exceptionally fast and simple campaign creation

Despite the creative freedom, campaign emails always remain visually and technically perfected. Also in your own visual identity, prepared for you in advance (once for all) so you never need to worry about this.

Advanced analytics: quality feedback information is essential for effective e-marketing

Advanced analytics

Measure campaign effects, improve results, optimize. Advanced activity tracking and behavior analysis of your recipients as well as psychometric metrics can be much more informative. Such results are also easier to understand and interpret. Which campaigns were most interesting for your customers? Which products generated more response? Which customers were most interested for the products presented?

Powerful and simple management of largest mailing lists, top-class intelligent campaign delivery

The system automatically adjusts the delivery process according to particular target email server policies and this way ensures optimal “technical sender reputation”. Such recipient server-“friendly” delivered messages are less often regarded as “SPAM”.

Personalized advanced fields

On the other hand, you can personally address each person on the mailing list with a single click, regardless of mailing list size (automatic personalization). And the system will also automatically enable each recipient to unsubscribe from the mailing list, if one would desire to.

First-class user support, European security and quality

“I have never had such a devoted and self-initiative supporter - ever.”
Eva Jelnikar, general manager, Axis Mundi d.o.o.

You can always count on us - when you simply need a new template, or an expert advice in the development of future email marketing strategy, and also when you need a quick solution of a tiny little problem.

Personal data of your recipients is handled in accordance with applicable legislation and stored in information systems exclusively on the territory of the European Union.

Immediately available on any computer just by starting your web browser

Casteo is based entirely on the modern "software as a service" concept. This means no software installation, server deployment or other technical interventions are ever needed. It is always available just by simply opening the www.casteo.com internet address from anywhere - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is your user name and password.

No delivery system commercial messages in your emails

Different email marketing systems often add their commercial messages like "Powered by" to the emails sent, which is unacceptable for quality brand building, customer awareness boosting etc. We will of course be very happy if you recommend Casteo to your friends or business partners, but this will never be forced upon you with Casteo.

Hint: "Powered by" type messages are usually placed at the bottom of campaign emails. Nevertheless this is still unacceptable since reader’s attention when scanning the message dramatically increases just at the bottom. The later is therefore one of the most valuable spots which can be used eg. for a final slogan, closing message to readers etc. It would be a loss to use it for commercial messages in no way related to your business.

Comprehensive statistics and analyses always ready to be used with other marketing and sales channels

Marketing and sales activities effectiveness multiplies when appropriately coordinated over the whole range of marketing and sales channels. Since email campaigns are lately due to their low-costs often basis, as well as development and testing ground for other activities, the Casteo team is greatly aware of importance of powerful interconnectivity options with other different tools and systems. You can also simply export most interested contacts of selected campaigns to a file and pass them to other sales channels - phone sales for example, where the team will now be able to first contact customers with the greatest probability of conversion (sales success) and on the other hand not disturb the currently uninterested customers.

All system updates free of charge and completely transparent for users

Besides all regular (often daily) updates of the Casteo delivery engine essential for keeping to our standards of first-rate deliverability, all other aspects of the system like user interface, new tools and features etc. are constantly updated. All updates are however planned and deployed conservatively with extensive testing, quality of service and first of all realistic user benefit assessment as top priorities. Some new advanced features might only be found by the advanced users still other updates will immediately benefit everyone. Updates are always completely transparent for users without any interruptions to the system. New development is directed by the world trends in email marketing, technology, security standards, our testing and user support experience and - most important - users’ needs and wishes. No matter how far we have come, there is always room for improvement!

Synchronization of email marketing system with existing information systems of your organization (CRM, CMS etc.), or any custom solution when needed

Since the Casteo system is fully Infonova in-house developed technology, there is infinite flexibility. The range of different custom solutions and options is limitless. Casteo can routinely be connected to any database or other systems like CRM or CMS in the organization as well as any other marketing or analytical tool almost regardless of it origins (as long as it is based on some database system or at least has some viable application interface).

Culture of close contact between the Casteo team and its users - they are always encouraged to actively help improve the system

As Casteo email marketing system user you will always have access to your own personal consultant as well as user support. All your inputs, be it by phone, email or some other means, are highly valued. They will effectively shape the future system development and its priorities. We want to know what you think!

No hidden costs

What you see in the price list is the final cost of the system. No start-up fees, no additional user support expenses. Should you for any reason decide to stop using the system, you are free to do so immediately - at the end of each billing month - without any closing costs

Please click here for Casteo price list.

You can order free Casteo trial by clicking here.

Top 5 reasons for Casteo
by its users:

1. Significantly less messages go to »SPAM«

"I tested many different solutions and email was often ending up as SPAM. We no more have these problems since we’ve been using Casteo. Highly recommended."

Gregor Krapež, sales director, Vibor d.o.o.

2. User friendly & easy to use

"About the user interface, I can only say: congratulations, well done! Statistics and visualizations, delivery system, all is great. You have really done a wonderful job."

Alen Borišek, editor in chief, Informiran.si

3. Powerful analytical possibilities

"It has not only tremendously improved distribution of our mailings; I am especially impressed by the analyses which really do give credible results and guidelines for following actions. Moreover it makes a big difference in direct sales. The system is great, I really am impressed."

Luka Vider, marketing director,
Leman d.o.o.

4. Users participate in constant system evolution

"The fact that they take all suggestions for system improvements so seriously and they also realize them (instead of merely saying that this or that function is just not available) is their big advantage. It is nice to know all Casteo users with their wishes and suggestions constantly contribute to the service development - for themselves and all other users."

Wojtek Grudzinski, marketing director, Rokus Klett Publishing Ltd.

5. Expert user support free of charge

"Matej my big THANKS again! I have never had such a devoted and self-initiative supporter - ever. You always come to me with the right solutions which help me enormously with optimizations. And you always explain them so clearly that they succeed at once. Let me not even start about your crazy late working hours. If I was not afraid of your boss’s anger I would offer you a job immediately! :)"

Eva Jelnikar, general manager,
Axis Mundi d.o.o.

Free trial?

Order a trial Casteo user account completely free of charge. - Without any commitments. Please click here to order the free Casteo trial.


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