By choosing Casteo you are joining a distinguished diverse community of different users from various European and international companies.

From small business to large international organizations of different fields and industries, humanitarian and non-governmental organizations, even rock groups and many others already benefit from numerous advantages Casteo can offer to their businesses. They are using email marketing not only as a resourceful marketing communication channel with the highest measured effectiveness; Even more important is successful integration over the whole range of marketing channels and sales activities and in this way achieving manifold multiplication of total marketing effectiveness.

The diverse family of Casteo users is growing every day. We are proud of each single satisfied user, the following is a quick sample to give an impression:

Triglav Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije UniCredit Unicef Banka Celje Konica Minolta Rokus Klett Knauf Casino Lev Hotel Mons Slovenian Convention Bureau S&T - Consolting. Integration. Outsourcing. Dnevnik AJPES Velux

users say...

»We became ambassadors of your program... This just shows how very satisfied we are with Casteo.«

Jan Klavora, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief,
Kongres magazine


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