Lawful quality e-mail marketing

Decision for Casteo is decision for strictly legal e-mail marketing.

Country legislations and international regulations have established a clear divide between quality
legitimate e-mail marketing communications and unsolicited e-mail - "spam".

At the same time it should also be of critical importance to e-mail campaigners for their recipients to perceive them as a quality source of wanted information - even though with commercial content - and hence not to be thrown in the same box with the "blue pills" dealers.

Lawful personal data collection and use on one hand and an appropriate lawful e-mail marketing system technical implementation on the other hand are key elements here (e.g. true sender identity provision, message traceability, working immediate recipient sign-out options, secure data maintenance and storage etc.).

You must always make sure you are in accordance with all the following three regulative and legislative areas:

  • your local country,
  • your recipients country,
  • international regulatives and treaties

Lawful email marketing system fundamentals:

  • clear verified sender identity,
  • full message tracking,
  • reliable unsubscription system,
  • secure personal information management.

Since the Casteo system automatically ensures all the above, you no longer need to worry about these technical aspects to be lawful.

I would like to try Casteo free of charge.

However, following the regulation is only the minimal mandatory standard. Your goal should be long lasting email marketing effectiveness which can only be achieved when your recipients perceive you as a quality source of valuable information.

users say...

»I tested many different solutions and email was often ending up as SPAM. We no more have these problems since we’ve been using Casteo. Highly recommended.«

Gregor Krapež,
sales director, Vibor d.o.o.


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